74 Percent of Greene County Residents Could See Property Assessment Increases

The Greene County Assessor is telling real estate owners to watch their mailbox.

The Assessor is in the process of sending Value Change Notices to residents because 2021 is a property reassessment year. The notifications are being sent to residents who have increases in their property values.

Assessor Rick Kessinger estimates that almost three out of every four Greene County taxpayers, 74 percent, will see an increase in their property values and will receive a Value Change Notice. The increases are based on multiple factors including current land values, construction costs, and recent market data.

“All property fluctuates in value over time, however in recent years we have seen more substantial changes to real estate prices due to increases in the market and the overall availability of property,” Kessinger explained. “Reassessment simply ensures that a property is evaluated the same as other comparable property for taxation purposes.”

A new law has been put into place regarding Value Change Notices. If a Notice shows a 15% or more increase in assessed value since the last assessment, not including new construction or improvements, residents can request an interior inspection of the property within 30 days of receiving the Notice.

Those who prefer not to have an interior inspection because of COVID-19 concerns (or any other reason) may go through an appeals process.

Two phone lines have been set up to help citizens who have questions or concerns:

  • 417-829-6180 for questions regarding residential or agricultural properties.
  • 417-868-4094 for questions regarding commercial properties.

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