All Springfield City Council Seats Contested in April Election

When the voters of the city of Springfield head to the polls on April 6, they will have a choice in each race for city leadership.

City Clerk Anita Cotter has certified the following candidates for the ballot. The order they appear below is the order they will appear on the ballot in April.

City Council General Seat A:

  • Alex Aton
  • Justin Burnett
  • Randy Allen
  • Heather Hardinger

City Council General Seat B:

  • J. Michael Hasty
  • Brent Brown
  • Craig Hosmer (incumbent)

City Council Zone 1:

  • Angela Romine
  • Isabelle Jimenez Walker

City Council Zone 4:

  • Matthew Simpson (incumbent)
  • Craig Kauffman
  • Jean Kalapathy


  • Ken McClure
  • Marcus Aton

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