Arnott Responds to Changes to “Second Amendment Protection Act”

Greene County Sheriff Jim Arnott showed some optimism in a statement released Wednesday about changes in the Second Amendment Protection Act.

Arnott raised an alarm about the bill last week, stating that he had concerns about language in the measure that would punish local members of law enforcement if they worked with federal investigators. Arnott said that in many task forces his deputies would work with federal law enforcement, and there would be no way to work in those task force groups without sharing information with federal law enforcement.

Arnott said that changes to the measure removed some of the concerning language.

“I feel that we will make further progress to refine the Second Amendment Protection Act (SAPA) so that law enforcement, and prosecutors throughout the state of Missouri can protect, support, and defend the Constitution of the United States,” Arnott said in a statement.

Arnott said he’s looking forward to continuing to work with State Senator Eric Burlison on the measure.

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