Photo courtesy of Missouri House of Representatives

Bill in Missouri Legislature Prohibits Banning Breed-Specific Dogs

Missouri cities and towns would be prohibited from banning pit bulls or any breed-specific dogs under a bill that is being heard Thursday by a Missouri House committee.

Mexico GOP State Representative Kent Haden is testifying before the House Local Government Committee in Jefferson City.

While villages, cities and towns could not ban a specific breed of dog, they could still prohibit dogs from running at large.

They could also regulate dogs in city limits, as long as the ordinance is not breed-specific.


  1. Pit bulls are not the problem. Its the owners and how pit bulls are raised. Pit bulls like any breed of dog can be trained to be mean and aggressive. Pit bulls or any breed of dogs are not born to be aggresive. You can train any breed of dog to be mean and aggressve. Some tease their dogs, feed then gun powder or aggitate the dog to be aggresive. The smallest breed of dogs can be trained to be aggressive. People use different techniques in teaching their dog to be aggressive. I adopted a pitbull that was dropped off at my driveway. He was shy but not stupid. He had been in a dog fighting ring. I guess he was no longer a good fighter so whoever owned him brought him out to the country and left him. He had scars around his face neck and muzle showing signs of being fought. I started feeding him named him and he was an outside my yard dog as I owned cats. After going into town one day came home to find he had decided to be a yard dog. I could play with him tease him with treats just let him be who he was. At first I was cautious around him not knowing about his background. He turned out to be the best watchdog a person could ask for. No one came on my property without him alerting me. He even alerted me when my mail man came at the bottom of my 300 foot long driveway. I knew he would never allow me to kennel him so when I sold my house my buyer opted to keep my adopted stray pitbull. He is just as devoted to the new owners as he was to me. If you are in doubt get a pitbull puppy and raise it. They are the best protectors a person could ask for.

    • I absolutely agree with you pitbulls are definitely NOT the problem. It’s the owners responsibility to ensure the pup has a good upbringing just like raising a child. You have to care and nurture them because they do have feelings and personalities which I find awesome. I have 6 dogs in total 3 pitbulls, an English mastiff, a bloodhound and an Australian Shepard and guess what none of the dogs are mean at all and very loving and very protective of myself and my family. And all my dogs are great with children as well. So I think this bill is totally unacceptable in my opinion. God bless.

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