Alternative energy concept
Alternative energy concept

BILLY LONG: To Be or Not to Be, That is the Question I Ask of Thee

By: U.S. Rep. Billy Long

To Be Energy Independent or Not to Be??? Are you serious? Do you want to rely on countries that hate us for our energy needs or do you want to rewind the clock to January 19, 2021, when we didn’t have to rely on others for energy? I’ll wait while you mull that over… You’ve probably heard the swamp creatures in Washington talk about how many jobs they can create, but the Biden Administration is different. Since entering office, President Biden has shut down several energy projects, resulting in the loss of thousands of American jobs. They view this as a source of pride, claiming to have achieved a great victory for the environment. The only problem is, they have no plan for putting these hard-working Americans back to work. 

The issue of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) in Alaska has been debated for many years. Many on the left oppose energy production in this region on environmental grounds, however, the facts should come first. In 1980, President Carter set aside a small portion of ANWR for oil and natural resources development. This area is not designated as wilderness, despite what the left claims. The area in question is 500,000 acres of land, which sounds like a lot until you realize that this accounts for just 3% of ANWR’s total landmass. 3% of the land gives us most of the resources. In total, it is estimated that 10.4 billion barrels of oil exist in ANWR. This area alone contains more oil than the known reserves of nations that we currently purchase oil from.

In 2017, President Trump opened ANWR for development, but like all of President Trump’s great decisions, President Biden reversed this several weeks ago. Keeping ANWR open helps to secure America’s energy independence, generates billions in revenue for the United States, and creates thousands of jobs. All of this in turn protects our national security by reducing our independence on foreign oil, and thanks to new technology, the environmental impact is significantly reduced. 

ANWR is not the only energy project that President Biden has spiked. Not twelve hours after taking office, he signed an executive order to halt construction on the Keystone XL Pipeline from Canada. This action resulted in the loss of 10,000 American jobs and the permanent cancelation of the project by the owners. You can add another 38,000 jobs lost when you take into consideration ancillary businesses. Pipelines provide a safe, and ironically, environmentally friendly way to transport oil, but thanks to President Biden, much-needed oil is now being transported by boat, rail, and truck from our adversaries like Venezuela and Russia.

Energy independence is not only an issue here at home but for our allies as well. While President Biden has been busy killing tens of thousands of jobs by canceling projects in the United States, Russian President Vladimir Putin has also been busy building his pipeline into Germany. Nord Stream 2 was under American sanctions which were lifted by President Biden. This all but guarantees that Russian oil will be flowing into the European Union soon, giving President Putin dangerous influence over our European allies. If we are going to secure our national security and interests, the United States should be preventing Russia from building international pipelines, not giving them a free pass.

As long as I am serving in Congress, I will always support American energy independence. Energy independence is beneficial to our national security and creates thousands of high-paying and high skilled American jobs. I strongly encourage President Biden to end his Green New Deal crusade and reopen ANWR for energy independence. Failure to act will result in our continued reliance on foreign adversaries for energy resources.

Trump derangement syndrome is real folks. And, canceling all the good things President Trump and Republicans in the House and Senate did to protect you and your family should not have been on the chopping block. Keystone XL – gone and forgotten. Border wall construction stopped – cease and desist. Stay in Mexico policy adios – gone,  which lead to over 180,000 illegals aliens flocking to the United States in May alone! If you want to check out our 20 year high of illegal incursions into our formerly great country just go sit in the McAllen Texas airport as I did yesterday returning from my trip to the border with President Trump and Governor Abbott. Watch all of the illegal aliens being loaded onto commercial airlines to be dispersed around the county at your expense. They board the planes with no I.D. – try that at your airport! You’ll know who they are because they all carry a large envelope with writing all over it and their free cell phone with free minutes you paid for. Where are they flying to? We don’t know but wherever it is we do know the elected officials in those cities don’t know they are coming. We do know they are not flying to Mexico because the Biden-Harris Administration put the kibosh on Trump’s Stay in Mexico policy, or did I mention that already? 

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