Canceled - red neon light word on brick wall background
Canceled - red neon light word on brick wall background

Cass’ Corner on Cancel Culture: Dr. Seuss Edition

Today on “CANCELED” ……

YES! You heard that right. Your beloved childhood author that taught you how to rhyme and read; who painted beautiful stories in you and your children’s imaginations; who crafted the inspiration for legendary movies, plays, and musicals such as Horton Hears a Who, The Cat in the Hat, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, Seussical the Musical, Green Eggs and Ham, and dozens more beloved tales….has been…. CANCELED by the liberal left-wing social media mob of blue haired teens trolling the internet placing scarlet letters on anything they can paint as racist.

It has become the newest, most popular competitive sport of the 21st century: How many people, things, movies, books, politicians, actors, social media stars, classmates, parents, aunts, uncles, brothers, dogs, cats, car brands, football teams, cities, towns, entire regions of a country *cue the entire SOUTH*, can you cancel for being any of the “phobics”, “ists”, or “istics” that rotate through 21st century vocabulary?

Dr. Seuss is under our microscope today for “racial undertones” in his literary works. 6 of his books will now stop being published, so CONGRATS! You now have little bricks of rare gold sitting on your kids bookshelves. I have TROLLED the internet searching high and low for SPECIFIC quotes from these six books with SPECIFIC, FACTUALLY and LOGICALLY sound information detailing exactly how it is offensive and racist, and exactly who and how many people are truly hurting from these books… I am seeing tons of ACCUSATIONS, but very few EXPLANATIONS. So here is what we have so far:

The titles are as follows:
“And to Think That I Saw It on Mulberry Street”
“If I Ran the Zoo”
“McElligot’s Pool”
“On Beyond Zebra!”
“Scrambled Eggs Super!”
“The Cat’s Quizzer”
Here are the exact accusations being raised against Dr. Seuss:
“He drew black boxers as gorillas and perpetuated Jewish Stereotypes by portraying Jewish characters as financially stingy…” According to the following *You guessed it* CNN article: (
According to this study:
50 of Dr. Seuss’ books were reviewed and concluded to have portrayed 43/45 “characters of color” in anti-black and anti-asian ways.
In “The Cat’s Quizzer: Are YOU Smarter than the Cat in the Hat?” Seuss referred to a Japanese character as… you guessed it… “a Japanese” (yes, exactly what the character is) and is illustrated with a yellow face and standing on Mt. Fuji. Here is a link to the exact illustration: Oh wait, it’s probably been removed from the entire internet. Thank you, Big Tech, for your services to us Americans to fight the good fight against the evil racist Dr. Seuss.
In “If I Ran the Zoo” Asian characters are physically described as having slanted eyes and complicated spellings to their countries’ names. So… riddle me this….Do Asians NOT have slanted eyes? When did it become racist to describe someone by their god-given physical characteristics?
According to the CNN article and study previously cited, “Since the majority of human characters in Dr. Seuss books are White, his works– inadvertently or not– center on Whiteness and thus perpetuate White supremacy.” So being white in and of itself is now racist. If they had their way, white people would be the new minority.
So there you have it folks… how Dr. Seuss is an evil racist. Turn over your books to Panem, or burn them in the street. Put on your handmaid’s robes and settle in for a long stretch of paying for the sins of your maybe-maybe-not ancestors. Happy hunger games and may the odds be ever in your favor.

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