Courtesy of KOLR-10

City Council Approved Budget for a Slate of Improvement Projects in the Commercial Street Historic District

Christian Randall, KOLR

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — The Springfield City Council approved a budget adjustment allocating a total of $655,000 to support a slate of improvement projects in the Commercial Street Historic District.

As KOLR-10 reports, according to public input received at the annual Commerical Street Tax Increment Financing (TIF) public meeting in June City staff recommended the council allocate $290,000 of TIF funding and an additional $365,000 from pre3vious budgeted Public Works funds as cost-sharing to complete the following projects:

Directional Signage – $5,000
The City’s sign shop will produce and install street signage to help direct citizens and visitors from surrounding roadways to the historic district and public parking lots. Staff expects to install signage later this fall.

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