City of Ozark Extends Mandatory Face Covering Ordinance

The city of Ozark is going to make you wear masks a little bit longer.

Ozark officials announced their mandatory face covering ordinance will run through April 30.

 “We are continuing to work together with neighboring counties on creating a united front against this virus,” Mayor Rick Gardner said in a statement. “It’s been a difficult time for everyone, but especially those who have lost family or friends to complications brought on by COVID-19. We are doing everything we can to follow advice and guidelines provided by local and national health experts to help prevent even more unfortunate deaths in our community and slow the spread, which is why we have extended the executive Mask Covering Order.” 

Everyone over the age of 11 is required to wear a face covering in public space within the city limits of Ozark.

The ordinance has multiple exemptions, including those with a medical
condition, mental health condition or any disability that prevents wearing a face covering, and those who are hearing impaired and people communicating with individuals who are hearing impaired.

 Other exemptions for when inside Ozark city limits include: 

• While you are indoors or outdoors and when able to maintain a distance of at least six feet from others 

• When engaged in the following activities;

  • Exercising 
  • Eating or Drinking only when inside or outside dining area of a restaurant or other food or beverage-serving establishment 
  • Giving a speech, presentation, performance, or other similar activity to a group of individuals indoors provided that the presenter or performer maintains six feet of distance while not wearing a mask 
  • Obtaining a service that requires temporary removal
  • of the covering such as a dentist appointment 

• If you are asked to by: o A law enforcement officer 

  • Medical provider including medical personnel 

• When necessary to confirm the identity of a person 

• When federal or state law prohibits wearing a face covering or requires the removal of it 

The Ozark Police Department will be taking an educational approach to violators of the ordinance, seeking to first get them to comply with the law and to learn about when they have to wear a mask.

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