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Covid Vaccines / Corona Vaccines

City of Springfield Considers Mandating COVID-19 Vaccine for New Workers

The city of Springfield is considering mandating COVID-19 vaccines for new hires.

City Spokeswoman Cora Scott tells the Springfield News-Leader no final decision has been made about whether a mandate will be instituted in the future.

Scott says City Manager Jason Gage is taking into account several factors, such as the pandemic’s impact on the continuity of vital public services, the overall impact on the heallth of city employees, and the city’s ability to recruit talented people in a competitive labor market.

One of the areas struggling with recruiting right now is the Springfield Police Department, and Springfield Police Officers Association President Andy Zinke tells the News-Leader the group strongly opposes a vaccine requirement, saying it’s having a hard enough time finding new officers.

The police department currently has 41 vacant officer positions.

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  1. Your going to lose more employees if you make it mandatory the reason why your having trouble getting new hires is political

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