COVID-19 Ribbon Fundraiser Benefits Lost & Found Grief Center

Local grief counseling service Lost and Found announced they are selling special ribbons to raise money for COVID-19 related counseling.

The blue and green COVID-19 awareness bracelet is just $6 and available at select retailers around Springfield. The funds from the sales will provide both one-on-one and group counseling for family members of those who lost a loved one to the disease.

“Whether or not you have experienced the death of a loved one due to COVID specifically, this virus has changed our lives and made the grieving process much more difficult for all families working through a loss,” Emily Givens, Executive Director of Lost and Found Grief Center said in a statement. “These bracelets symbolize the unity and solidarity we have as a community for those who have been unable to see or hold their loved one’s hand at their time of death, as well as the challenge of grieving when families are unable to gather with friends and family to celebrate their person’s life.”  

The ribbons are available at:

  • 5 Pound Apparel (both Springfield locations)  
  • Uptown Boutique  
  • Jellybeans  
  • Staxx  
  • Harrison House Market 
  • Town & County Men’s and Women’s Clothing 
  • Cutting Edge Salon 
  • 4 By 4 Brewing Company  
  • Bon Bon’s Candy House 
  • The Press Coffee & Juice Bar 

Lost & Found Selling Ribbons to Raise COVID-19 Counseling Funds

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