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Cox Closes Old Monett Hospital, Reopens Hours Later for Emergency Shelter

CoxHealth thought they had shut down the old Monett Hospital and were celebrating the launch of a new hospital when fate brought other plans.

A remodeling contractor at Bentonview Park Health and Rehab facility accidentally pulled up flooring that contained asbestos, requiring an emergency evacuation of the facility’s 27 patients.

“They were doing construction, and in the course of the remodeling, they pulled up flooring that turned out to be asbestos,” David Compton, Barry County Office of Emergency Management director, said in a statement. “It had been covered up and not a threat.”

Compton said that Barry Lawrence EMS, Mercy EMS, Cox Hospital, Mercy Hospital, and Monett Fire Department immediately launched an operation to move the patients to the old Cox facility.

“Cox Monett leadership! Shortly after transferring operations and all patients from our old to our new hospital, they were notified that a nearby nursing home had to be evacuated. Our team immediately reopened the old hospital working with NH to care/shelter 27 patients,” CoxHealth CEO Steve Edwards posted on Twitter.

The staff of Bentonview will be working with patients in the Cox building until the renovations are complete.

“The health and safety of our residents and staff is our primary focus, and the decision to move the residents was made quickly and without incident,” Jen Ryan, Bentonview spokesperson, said in a statement. “We look forward to the residents return to Bentonview once the renovation is complete, and most importantly, we look forward to welcoming our residents and staff back to the community they know and love.”

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