Divided States Of America

The election is the latest example of the ongoing distrust between political parties, the fake news media, and the constituents who make up this Republic.

Let’s just ask a few questions:

  1. Are the American people OK with the disastrous tallying logistics we’re seeing across the country?
  2. Are the American people OK with both presidential candidates essentially claiming victory on the same night with neither accruing 270 electoral votes?
  3. Are the American people OK with consecutive electoral seasons featuring abysmally inaccurate polling, leading to mass confusion and legitimized frustration, specifically from conservative voters?
  4. Are the American people OK with the games being played in PA, MI, WI, NC, GA and other states accepting ballots beyond November 3rd?
  5. Are the American people OK with businesses across our country boarding up windows to protect against violent riots when the leftists “peacefully protest”?

All of these questions present a serious threat to our democracy and our fundamental constitutional rights from radical left-wing marxists.

The questions could go on. How did Michigan find 120,000 ballots overnight for Joe Biden, and none for Donald J. Trump? How did Fox News call Arizona (a state Trump won in 2016) before ANY other network, while nearly 20% of the vote (in mostly pro-Trump areas) are still in play as of Wednesday morning? How can MSNBC anchor Joy Reid refer to Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas as Uncle Thomas, a reference to “Uncle Tom”, with no rebuke from the classless network? How. Can. This. Happen.

It’s frustrating, disconcerting, and flat out incompetent. The same country that promises two-day deliveries on basically anything can’t deliver an accurate vote tab on time because of unconscionable “breakdowns”, ahem, fraud.




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