Domino Effect of Defund-the-Police in Missouri

It’s no coincidence that last year, the year of defunding the police and all things MARXIST BLM/ANTIFA MOB VIOLENCE, we saw a 50 year high in murders/homicides. Yes…a 50.YEAR.HIGH…this is not an accident. This is a direct result of the war on law and order, and the battle to defund the police. 90% of those murdered were Black Americans, and they were not murdered by the police. If BLM cared about black lives, they would want there to be quality police forces in the urban inner-cities to protect their communities and uphold law and order. Black-on-black crime kills more Black Americans than officer-involved-shootings do by tenfold. The domino effect of all of this? We have a serious inability to recruit new officers, and we are having to lower standards just to get police officers on the street, and quality seasoned officers are exiting the field in droves. You know what happens when we have less police on the streets, less experienced police on the streets, and timid police afraid to take action against crime for fear of a cell phone camera making them out to be murderers? The result is even more crime on the streets, and even more lives, including BLACK LIVES, taken by street crime violence. Maybe it’s time to actually care about black lives by protecting them with law enforcement officers who put their own lives on the line to protect others.

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