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Get Ready to Start Dialing Ten Digit Numbers on your Phone Starting Sunday

Beginning this Sunday, October 24th, you will need to dial all ten digits of phone numbers in the 417, 314, 660 and 816 area codes in Missouri.

This includes phone calls made within your own area code.

If you just dial seven digits, a recording will inform you the call cannot be completed and you’ll need to hang up and dial again.

The reason behind the change? The FCC approved the three digit “988” dialing code to call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline beginning July 16th, 2022.

The government order also changes the way people dial local numbers in 36 states and 82 area codes, all of which have a “988” prefix somewhere in those area code.

Some automated equipment may be work right on Sunday if it’s not updated.

Security systems, fax machines, call forwarding settings and medical monitoring devices should be checked.

The price of making a call and rates for service will remain the same, along with your phone number.

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