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Governor Parson Calls Special Session

Governor Mike Parson announced Tuesday he will be calling for a special legislative session beginning Wednesday to focus on extending the Federal Reimbursement Allowances and related items necessary for funding MO HealthNet.

The Governor is making the move after saying he will need to make cuts to state spending to fund MO HealthNet without legislative action.

“After laying out the grim reality of our state’s financial future if FRA is not extended, I believe legislators have now agreed to a compromise that will end this stalemate, so today I am announcing a special session to begin tomorrow at noon,” Governor Parson said in a press statement. “We appreciate the continued efforts of House and Senate leadership to work with us towards a solution, and we are thankful that we are now in a position that warrants a call to special session.”

“Let me be clear, now is a time that demands leadership among legislators and not an opportunity to play games with billions of dollars and millions of livelihoods in pursuit of narrow political interests,” Governor Parson added. 

The special session call from the Governor has these focuses:

  • Extend the expiration of the ground ambulance service reimbursement allowance
  • Extend the expiration of the nursing facility reimbursement allowance 
  • Extend the expiration of the Medicaid managed care organization reimbursement allowance
  • Extend the expiration of the FRA program
  • Extend the expiration of the pharmacy tax
  • Extend the expiration of the intermediate care facility for the intellectually disabled assessment
  • Prohibit abortifacient drugs and devices 
  • Prohibits funding for abortion facilities under the Uninsured Women’s Health Program
  • Allow the Senate to consider appointments that require the advice and consent of the Senate

“The FRA program reduces the burden of MO HealthNet expenditures on the state budget and maximizes federal dollars coming to Missouri, and House and Senate leadership and Missourians know the detrimental consequences if FRA is not extended,” Governor Parson said. “It is unacceptable to jeopardize critical investments in priorities like education, workforce development, and infrastructure, and we must get this done quickly to protect Missourians and continue investing in Missouri’s future generations.”

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