Greene County Collector’s Office Receives “Good” Rating in State Audit

A state audit gives the Greene County Collector’s Office a “good” rating.

The audit is required by law whenever there is a vacancy in that office.

Here’s the full release from the Greene County Commission:

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – The Missouri State Auditor’s office recently completed an audit of the Greene County Collector’s Office and Property Tax System. Section 52.150 of Missouri state law requires an audit of any county collector office after a vacancy in that office.

Former Collector Leah Betts resigned on February 28, 2021. Current Collector Allen Icet was sworn into office on March 1, 2021. The scope of this audit reviewed issues prior to Collector Icet’s tenure in Greene County.

In response, Collector Icet said, “I would like to thank the Missouri State Auditor and her staff for their efforts to audit the office of Greene County Collector. The overall performance rating of Good is reflective of the efforts by this office to address the problems associated with the new software system.

This has been a concern that various county officials have worked on since 2020 to ensure the underlying issues are resolved. We now have controls and procedures in place to prepare accurate property tax statements which will ensure that statements are prepared and mailed in compliance with statutory requirements.”

View the full audit below from the Missouri State Auditor’s Office:


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