Greene County Commission Awards $1.3 Million in Grants

The Greene County Commission has issued more than $1.3 million in CARES Act Relief Funding.

The Commission has now distributed 78 percent of the CARES Act funds that were given to Greene County for distribution by the end of the year. The county’s total distribution to date is $26,830,628.41.

The recommendations for the grants are made to the Commission by the CARES Act Citizens Advisory Committee under the direction of Lyle Foster. Subcommittees for each category review applications and make recommendations to the full group for approval. Approved grants are then sent to the Greene County Commission for a final vote.

The latest grants from the Commission are:

Small business

  • Little Sunshine’s Playhouse & Preschool, Inc (West Chestnut), $15,000 for business interruption   
  • Peapod Learning Center (Brentwood). $10,000 for business interruption   
  • Republic Chamber of Commerce, $32,340 for general support         
  • FP F&B, LLC (Farmers Park) (Progress Restaurant), $10,000 for business interruption
  • Stephanie D Ireland, Inc. (Architecture firm), $5,000 for business interruption             
  • Payne Sign Company, $10,000.00 for business interruption 
  • 417 Brewery Bus Tours, $5,000 for business interruption              
  • The Phoenix Group (WF Codys) Restaurant, $5,000 for business interruption              
  • SoundLife Hearing Technologies, LLC, $5,000 for business interruption    
  • J. Howard Fisk Limousines, Inc, $10,000 for business interruption       
  • Riad Burgers and Gyros, LLC, $5,000 for business interruption           
  • Goodboys, LLC (Druff’s Restaurant), $5,000 for business interruption 
  • O’Reilly Hospitality Management, LLC (management company), $15,000 for business interruption 
  • RTT Hospitality, LLC (Marriott Towneplace Suites), $10,000 for business interruption
  • Glen44 Investments, LLC (Multiple Businesses), $10,000 for business interruption 
  • O’Reilly Hospitality II, LLC (Hilton Garden Inn), $10,000 for business interruption 
  • O’Reilly Hospitality III, LLC (Houlihan’s Farmers Park, $15,000 for business interruption 
  • O’Reilly Hospitality, LLC (Doubletree, Fairfield & Houlihans), $30,000 for business interruption 
  • OH-MD Republic, LLC (Macadoodles Republic, MO), $5,000 for business interruption 
  • Platos Closet (Sixteen Feathers LLC), $10,000 for business interruption
  • La Luna Hair Academy, LLC, $5,000 for business interruption
  • Phillips Transport, LLC, $5,000 for business interruption 
  • Beth’s Bake Shoppe, Inc., $5,000 for business interruption
  • Smart Start Daycare, LLC, $5,000 for business interruption 
  • Signs Now, LLC, $5,000 for business interruption 
  • Sivarts, Inc dba ACIS IT Solutions, $5,000 for business interruption 
  • Romella Foods, LLC (Culvers on Sunshine), $15,000 for business interruption 
  • Take a Break Cleaning Service, LLC, $5,000 for business interruption 
  • Country Fresh Inc dba Cash Saver #417, $20,000 for business interruption 
  • Allendale Risk Management (Harmon commodity risk management), $5,000 for business interruption
  • Evans Wealth Planning, LLC, $5,000 for business interruption
  • Pearson Creek Properties, LLC, $5,000 for business interruption
  • Lucy’s Chinese Food, Inc (Campbell Street), $5,000 for business interruption
  • (Brooke Evans Realtor), $5,000 for business interruption
  • Springfield Tint Company, LLC, $5,000 for business interruption
  • Lucy’s Chinese Food, Inc (Sunshine Street), $5,000 for business interruption
  • East Sunshine FW, LLC (First Watch), $10,000 for business interruption 
  • Old Towne Event Center, LLC (Republic), $5,000 for business interruption
  • Queen City Cycles, LLC, $5,000 for business interruption
  • LSP Claremont, Inc (Little Sunshine’s playhouse), $10,000 for business interruption 
  • Whiteaker & Wilson PC (DBA Law Office of Stuart Huffman), $5,000 for business interruption
  • LSP Cardinal, Inc, $10,000 for business interruption 

Total: $372,340


  • NAMI, $66,000 for personnel, technology and PPE

Total: $66,000

Nonprofit/community organizations

  • City of Springfield Workforce Development, $56,551 for Fairbanks School job center affiliate for technology and PPE
  • Ash Grove Fire Protection District, $4,550 for technology, sanitization and PPE
  • Greene County Sheriff’s Office, $678,949.44 for meals, sanitization and laundry
  • Greene County Budget Office, $135,702.57 for technology and personnel

Total: $875,753.01

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