Greene County Deputy Greeted With Cheers as he Leaves Hospital

A big moment at Mercy Hospital in Springfield as a Greene County deputy is released to come home.

Lieutenant Steve Westbrook waved to his fellow deputies who surrounded the exit to the hospital, then got a police escort to his home in Highlandville. Westbrook was laying out tire spikes on Highway 13 near Brighton on December 11th.

He was laying out tire spikes on Highway 13 near Brighton during a high speed chase when investigators say the suspect intentionally veered off the road and hit him.

Westbrook has several fractures to the femur and pelvis areas and both of his wrists.

Seth Hay, 36, is charged with three felony assault counts, kidnapping and resisting arrest.

The kidnapping charge is connected to a person in the vehicle with Hay during the chase.

Click here to watch the video of Westbrook’s release from the hospital.

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