Greene County Personal Property Tax Deadline Moved Again

The Greene County Collector is moving the deadline to pay your personal property taxes for 2020.

Collector Leah Betts said continued delays in mailing out the bills will force the deadline to be moved to the end of February.

 “I understand that some citizens have been frustrated through this process, and I have been equally frustrated, if not more.  I do care and my staff and I have worked extremely hard in order to deal with the data being delivered late, and continuing to be delivered to this very day,” Collector Betts said in a statement.

Betts has been sounding the alarm with county officials for almost four years about problems between software installed in the assessor’s office and the software installed in her office. The two platforms were incompatible, resulting in the delays in transferring information from the assessor to the collector.

Most citizens have been contacting the collector’s office because that is who mails the bills, but the collector can’t do anything until the assessor sends the information to her office.

If you have not received a bill in the mail, you can access your personal property tax bill online through the collector’s website.

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