Greene County Sheriff’s Office Rated “Good” in State Audit

State Auditor Nicole Galloway released her office’s audit of the Greene County Sheriff’s Office and has given the department a rating of “good.”

“Audits help point out ways government officials can better serve their constituents, and taxpayers should be encouraged when those officials commit to taking the steps we recommend,” State Auditor Galloway said in a statement. “As my office continues its audit of the Greene County Commission, we remain committed to completing a thorough, independent review of county finances and operations.”

Among the items found in the audit:

  • The Jail Administration Division did not adequately segregate the division’s financial records;
  • The JAD did not have an independent supervisory review of the division’s financial records;
  • Better receipting and depositing procedures were needed in several office divisions;
  • Improvements is needed in reconciliation of several office bank accounts.

The audit recommended measures for the Sheriff to implement for correcting the items raised in the audit. Sheriff Jim Arnott indicated that the recommendations have already been put in place or are in the process of being put in place.

The state auditor’s office is continuing to process their audit of the Greene County Commission, which is the only remaining part of their audit of Greene County government.

Here is the audit of the Sheriff’s Office:


Sheriff’s response:


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