Greene County Vote Certified

Greene County Clerk Shane Schoeller announced Monday night that the general election results for the county has been verified and certified by the bipartisan Greene County Verification Board.

The Verification Board reviews and inspects all election results from Greene County and ensures that all eligible ballots received by the Clerk’s office are counted and included in the final, verified results.

“I am pleased to announce the certification of the results for this year’s election contests” said Schoeller. “Regardless of whether their candidate prevailed on November 3rd, all Greene County voters can be confident that this election was conducted with the highest integrity and professionalism through the hard work of bipartisan members of this office and bipartisan election judges, and that their voice was heard through the casting of their ballot.”

The Verification Board followed a series of steps in a state mandated process including:

  • A Public Pre-Test and Post-Test of electronic tabulation equipment;
  • A randomly drawn manual recount of no less than five percent of all polling places; for one contest in each of the five contest categories;
  • A manual recount for any contest where the top two candidates are separated by a margin of difference being equal to or less than ½ of one percent. This provision mandated a manual recount for the 135th State House District.

The board also made determinations regarding absentee and mail-in ballots that are in question; eleven ballots for the 135th race could not be resolved in time for inclusion in the final vote totals.

“This process is bipartisan, fair, and is open to public scrutiny. Prior to certification we jointly review the results and ensure the count is accurate. We are honored to certify these election results on behalf of the citizens of Greene County,” Schoeller said.

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