Historical Week in the Market & Politics

This week culminated in a bizarre twist of market and political fortunes. Stock investors were the big winners and the big loser was our Nation’s highest office.  Never before in history has such a pathetic and remarkably unimpressive political dinosaur been elected president.  He allegedly did so amassing more votes than any President in history, while President Trump received more votes than Barack Obama did in each of his elections.  

Are we to believe that Joe Biden, a man who wrongly advised Obama not to launch the attack that took out Osama Bin Laden, is up to the task of leading the United States?  This is the same Lyin’ Biden who threatened to withhold a billion dollars from Ukraine unless their government fired a prosecuting attorney.  Were the American voters so impressed when he held up his hand in support of providing free healthcare to illegal aliens?  Perhaps it was the notion that cops should start shooting at a criminal’s legs when they come under attack?  Were Biden voters in awe of his promise to end bail as a requirement to be released from jail?  

Trumps iconic slogan, “Promises Made, Promises Kept” tells the entire story.  Trump is a man of action, a LEADER, like him or hate him, he got things done and called out the FAKE NEWS main stream media, the oppressive Big Tech monopolies, and the DEEP STATE actors within the FBI, Justice Department, CIA, and State Department.

This is a man who promised to reconstruct NAFTA, and he actually did it.  He cut corporate and personal income taxes to make us more competitive with the rest of the world.  He forced NATO to contribute a larger percentage for their own defense to lessen the burden on American tax payers. He funded black colleges, created inner city enterprise zones, and passed prison reform… all in an effort to elevate black and brown American’s.  

Our economy was breaking records prior to the Communist Chinese Virus. Make no mistake, the Communist Chinese Party is GUILTY of mass murder. Trump single-handedly went after the CCP with sanctions as Joe Biden told us that the Chinese posed no threat to our economy.  Make no mistake, the CCP is the ENEMY.  While Democrat’s were screaming Russia, Russia, Russia and launching FAKE investigations, Trump was tackling the new evil empire.  

Big Tech and Wall Street didn’t support Trump because they want access to the Communist Chinese economy.  Who cares if the CCP imprisons people because they complain, or they happen to be Muslim or Christian?  That’s apparently just fine by our Big-Business American oligarchs.  They look the other way if it’s Communist Red China, but these same executives turn virtuous if they see “racial injustice” in America.  

The Trump movement isn’t going away anytime soon. Trump’s Party attracts the middle class. This was evident last week when Republicans gained seats in the House of Representatives, despite being “predicted” to lose at least 10 spots. House speaker Nancy Pelosi is feeling the heat from the marxist young cannibals chomping at her heels. 

This election has proven how a corrupt media in conjunction with extreme leftist educators can indoctrinate the American youth at all costs.  The dynamic has created a distorted version of American history. The “education elite” do a terrific job projecting their extremist values, which is essential to gaining control.  Indoctrinate early and reinforce at every level. Progress, in this sense, is completely manipulated. For what it’s worth, you don’t see Trump supporters burning American flags or condemning the police and military.  

If Joe Biden is sworn in and attempts his progressive agenda, there won’t be a resist movement, there will be a revolution.  We will not allow this country to return as China’s darling and permit the Biden Crime Family to sell us out.

The questions are infinite. Is this really the America we want to live in?  How did all these mail in ballots get requested, filled out, and delivered?  Where was the chain of custody?  Was there ballot harvesting? System “glitches”?

It’s time to take off the gloves and start defending our country. We will not be silenced.

Oh yeah, the market was up big last week.

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