Just Sayin’ With Bonnie Bell

How many times have you heard this statement, “I can’t wait for 2020 to end?” 

I’ve thought about it and said it myself many times over the past several months. Unfortunately, on January 2, 2021, we will still be fighting the battle against COVID-19, and there may still be a battle for the Oval Office.  Wearing masks and social distancing will still be the order of the day and who knows when we will ever shake hands again!

I remember growing up and people asking, “What did you learn from this experience?” You probably heard it too and like me, you most likely rolled your eyes and came up with some smart response.  But yesterday after listening to the latest news updates I asked myself, what have I learned from 2020?

  • Despite what Time Magazine says, the real “Persons Of The Year” were the frontline workers who gave new definition to the word courage.
  • Sheltering at home can be fattening!
  • A 14 day quarantine is nothing like a 2 week vacation.
  • Working from home means you can stay in pajamas all day long.
  • Zooming has nothing to do with speed.
  • You can zoom in pajama bottoms and a nice top.  Nobody will ever know.

I could go on but I digress.  You get the point. While 2020 has definitely had its tumultuous moments, some were positive. If your family wasn’t nearby, your circle of friends became family. We socialized at a distance and began personalizing our masks.   We developed talents and started hobbies we never dreamed of.  2020 will be a year we will never forget, no matter how hard we try!

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