Just Sayin’ with Bonnie Bell

Wednesday, November 11th, is Veterans Day but when you think about it, shouldn’t everyday be a day we honor our veterans?  

After all it’s:

            Our Veterans not reporters who give us Freedom of the Press,

            Our Veterans not poets who give us Freedom of Speech,

            Our Veterans not political organizations who give us Freedom to Assemble,

            Our Veterans not lawyers who give us our Freedom to a Fair Trial,

            Our Veterans not politicians who give us our Freedom to Vote,

            Our Veterans not preachers who give us the Freedom to worship.

This Veterans Day I encourage, no, I challenge you to spend time with a veteran.  Talk to them about their service and let them know how appreciative you are for their service.  Visit the Missouri Veterans Cemetery in Springfield or one that is close to where you live.  Covid 19 may have caused community celebrations to be cancelled but that doesn’t mean we can’t go ourselves with friends and family to honor those who gave so much.

But most of all, take time to honor the men and women who actually fought to secure the freedoms we enjoy.  

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