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Local House Representatives Named Committee Chairs

Three area legislators are among those chosen by the new speaker of the Missouri House of Representatives to chair House commitees.

The House will have 41 committees this legislative session, up four from the 100th General Assembly.

“We have an outstanding group of chairs who have the experience and aptitude to take on some of the most pressing issues facing our state. I have complete confidence in their ability to lead their committees and to work with their members to ensure each bill receives meaningful discussion and debate that will produce well-crafted public policy,” House Speaker Rob Vescovo said in a statement.

The chairman assignments in the House to date are:

  • Committee on Administration and Accounts- Rep. Jason Chipman, R-Steelville
  • Committee on Agriculture Policy – Rep. Don Rone, R-Portageville
  • Committee on Budget – Rep. Cody Smith, R-Carthage
  • Committee on Children and Families- Rep. Mary Elizabeth Coleman, R-Arnold
  • Committee on Consent and House Procedures – Rep. Sara Walsh, R-Ashland
  • Committee on Conservation and Natural Resources- Rep. Randy Pietzman, R-Troy
  • Committee on Corrections and Public Institutions – Rep. Andrew McDaniel, R-Deering
  • Committee on Crime Prevention – Rep. Lane Roberts, R-Joplin
  • Committee on Downsizing State Government – Rep. Ben Baker, R-Neosho
  • Committee on Economic Development – Rep. Derek Grier, R-Chesterfield
  • Committee on Elections and Elected Officials – Rep. Dan Shaul, R-Imperial
  • Committee on Elementary and Secondary Education- Rep. Chuck Basye, R-Rocheport
  • Committee on Emerging Issues – Rep. Aaron Griesheimer, R-Washington
  • Committee on Ethics – Rep. Travis Fitzwater, R-Holts Summit
  • Committee on Financial Institutions – Rep. Rick Francis, R-Perryville
  • Committee on Fiscal Review- Rep. Travis Fitzwater, R-Holts Summit
  • Committee on General Laws – Rep. Curtis Trent, R-Springfield
  • Committee on Health and Mental Health Policy- Rep. Mike Stephens, R-Bolivar
  • Committee on Higher Education – Rep. Brenda Shields, R-St. Joseph
  • Committee on Insurance – Rep. Justin Hill, R-Lake St. Louis
  • Committee on Judiciary – Rep. David Evans, R-West Plains
  • Committee on Legislative Review – Rep. Dan Houx, R-Warrensburg
  • Committee on Litigation Reform – Rep. Bruce DeGroot, R-Ellisville
  • Committee on Local Government – Rep. Tom Hannegan, R-St. Charles
  • Committee on Pensions – Rep. Patricia Pike, R-Adrian
  • Committee on Professional Registration and Licensing – Rep. Jeff Coleman, R-Grain Valley
  • Committee on Public Safety – Rep. Shane Roden, R-Cedar Hill
  • Committee on Rules – Administrative Oversight – Rep. J. Eggleston, R-Maysville
  • Committee on Rules – Legislative Oversight – Rep. Phil Christofanelli, R-St. Peters
  • Committee on Rural Community Development – Rep. Brad Pollitt, R-Sedalia
  • Committee on Transportation – Rep. Becky Ruth, R-Festus
  • Committee on Utilities – Rep. Bill Kidd, R-Buckner
  • Committee on Veterans – Rep. Dave Griffith, R-Jefferson City
  • Committee on Ways and Means – Rep. Wayne Wallingford, R-Cape Girardeau
  • Committee on Workforce Development – Rep. Mike Henderson, R-Bonne Terre
  • Special Committee on Criminal Justice – Rep. Shamed Dogan, R-Ballwin
  • Special Committee on Government Accountability – Rep. David Gregory, R-St. Louis
  • Special Committee on Government Oversight – Rep. Jered Taylor, R-Republic
  • Special Committee on Homeland Security – Rep. Ron Hicks, R-Defiance
  • Special Committee on Small Business – Rep. Nick Schroer, R-O’Fallon
  • Special Committee on Tourism – Rep. Brad Hudson, R-Cape Fair

In addition, local Rep. Alex Riley (R-Springfield) was named Vice Chair of the Committee on General Laws.

A few committees still remain without chairs, so more local representatives being appointed to committee leaderships is possible.

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