Local TV Show Raising Funds for “Hot Hands” for Homeless

A local award-winning television show is asking the community to join them in helping the local homeless population during the winter months.

The Mystery Hour and Emmy-Award winning host Jeff Houghton announced the “The Great Ozarks Warm-a-Thon.” The goal of the campaign is to raise enough funds to buy 25,000 packets of Hot Hands to give the homeless throughout the winter.

“The Springfield Street Choir performed on The Mystery Hour last year, so a few of us thought it would be fun to go to one of their outdoor screenings,” Houghton said in a press statement. “After the film there was a Q&A and someone asked the two homeless men speaking what they needed the most and they both enthusiastically replied, ‘Hot Hands.’” 

The campaign runs through December 11th with a goal of raising $25,000 to purchase Hot Hands. The show is partnering with a local church so that all financial donations to the fundraiser are tax-deductible.

This is the second time the Mystery Hour has worked with a non-profit organization to help those in need. Last year, they partnered with RIP Medical Debt, raising $27,000 that was able to purchase and forgive over $4 million in medical debt throughout the Ozarks and in markets around the country where the program airs.

We see this as another opportunity to use our platform to help those in need in the community,” Houghton said. “Our hope is that the community will respond like they did last year. 2020 has been difficult for all of us, but it has also helped us more clearly see those in need around us.”

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