Marshfield Propane Plant Burns

An explosion at a propane plant in Marshfield shook nearby businesses and homes, and left a plume of thick black smoke miles into the sky (pictured above.)

Investigators are looking into the explosion at the Kosan Crisplant plant, the former Pinnacle Plant, located just off State Highway OO. Three employees at the facility are safe, although one was treated by emergency personnel.

The company is confirming there were no serious injuries involved.

The blasts set off evacuations as Marshfield’s emergency services were flooded with calls around 5 p.m. Thursday.

Exploding tanks were flying into the air, causing increased hazards for firefighters on the scene. The fire was contained around three hours after reports of the blaze reached fire department personnel.

The smoke was seen for many miles, with reports on social media from as far away as Taney County reporting sightings of the black plume.

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