Hosts’ Eulogies Calm “Trump Nation”

Trump Country is not happy. The ongoing, shady voting fraud caught on video in multiple counties across the country are beyond disturbing and seemingly going unnoticed by the Department of Justice. 

The election is being stolen right in front of your own eyes. Left wing Governors like Tom Wolf in Pennsylvania laugh off litigation put forth by Rudy Giuliani and the Trump Campaign like it’s an inmate screaming after intake and lockup. The job is done, catch us if you can! 

America’s Anchorman Rush Limbaugh reiterated on his Wednesday radio show to “keep the faith” because Trump is the exact guy who can fight long enough to combat these elitist kingpins. He has put up with ruthless media coverage for five years, fought off internal “Republican” snitches (some within his own cabinet), restored America’s status against other worldly challengers, and withstood envious bureaucrats woven in the deep state. 

Trump voters understand HIS frustration and Trump understands his constituents. It’s harmonious and it was on full display during the onslaught of Trump Rallies over the final weeks of his campaign. Chants included “We Love You!” and “Trump, Trump, Trump!” and “Four More Years!” The businessman Trump, who rarely cracks, would follow with, “Stop, please, you’re going to make me cry.” His rallies were inspirational, creating a spirit-like effect with thousands of passionate Americans and their beloved leader. 

Listen to these three clips:

While no winner has been decided and this process could drag on for days, if not weeks… One thing remains clear: Donald Trump struck a cord amongst a different breed of voters and helped build a new wave of conservative ideologies. Whether or not he gets another four years in office may be in question, but his impact on preserving America First values and traditions will carry on for generations. 




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