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Missouri Gov. Mike Parson Signs HB 2634, Prohibiting Public Funds to Abortion Providers

In another step for the pro-life movement in Missouri, Governor Mike Parson is putting the recently-passed HB 2634 into law.

Parson signed the bill Thursday morning, which prohibits public funding of any kind from going to organizations that provide abortions, including taxpayer money.

This law directly impacts Medicaid funding from the state going towards organizations like Planned Parenthood.

There were already protections in place for other forms of public funding.

Some critics have said the newly-signed law is overkill, as organizations like Planned Parenthood no longer perform abortions in the state of Missouri.

A spokesperson for the non-profit said in a statement Thursday:

“This bill not only defies the ruling of Missouri’s highest court but also flouts federal Medicaid law. By denying Medicaid patients’ right to receive health care from Planned Parenthood, politicians are directly obstructing access to much-needed health services, including birth control, cancer screenings, annual wellness exams, and STI testing and treatment.”

The complete press release from Governor Parson’s office can be found below:

(JEFFERSON CITY, MO) – Today, during a signing ceremony at the State Capitol, Governor Mike Parson signed HB 2634 into law. While public funds are already prohibited from funding abortions in Missouri, HB 2634 will now prevent any taxpayer money from going to any abortion providers or their affiliates in the state. 

“Our administration has been the strongest pro-life administration in Missouri history,” Governor Parson said. “We’ve ended all elective abortions in this state, approved new support for mothers, expecting mothers, and children, and, with this bill, ensured that we are not sending taxpayer dollars to abortion providers for any purpose. We thank members of the General Assembly for recognizing this important issue and sending this legislation to my desk.” 

HB 2634 will ensure that no abortion providers or their affiliates receive reimbursements through the MO HealthNet program.