Photo courtesy of Josh Hawley, US Senate

Missouri Senator Josh Hawley Says Antifa Threatened His Family In Washington D.C.

Missouri Senator Josh Hawley is tweeting about an incident that occurred Monday night at his home in Washington, D.C.

Hawley was in Missouri while his wife and newborn daughter were in D.C.

He says the group screamed threats, vandalized the home, and tried to pound open his door.

Hours before Hawley tweeted about the incident, the group that organized the protest, “ShutDownDC,” livestreamed the event.

The video shows shows at least a dozen protestors gathering in a parking lot before walking to Hawley’s home.

The group then stood on the sidewalk and the front lawn of the home for the duration of the incident.

At one point in the video, three protestors take a pocket copy of the Constitution and place it on the front door of Hawley’s residence.

In addition, a neighbor came out to confront the protestors and had to be restrained by a third party.

The group issued a statement saying it held a “candlelight vigil” outside the house.

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