Courtesy of Attorney General Eric Schmitt

MO AG Schmitt’s Statement On SCOTUS Ruling

  JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Earlier this afternoon, the United States Supreme Court ruled in favor of Missouri and other plaintiffs in halting the Occupational Health and Safety Administration’s vaccine mandate on private employers. Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt released the following statement:
“Earlier this afternoon, the United States Supreme Court halted the OSHA private employer vaccine mandate, a massive win for millions of workers and businesses across the country, including Doolittle Manufacturing here in Missouri, who would’ve had to shutter their doors if this mandate was not halted. Missouri was the first state to file suit against the OSHA private employer mandate, and I’m proud to have delivered this critical decision for Missourians and Americans, and to hand the Biden Administration its biggest loss to date. While we’re disappointed in the Supreme Court’s ruling on our lawsuit against the health care worker vaccine mandate, that fight is far from over, and the case is still ongoing. We’re committed to ensuring that rural hospitals and nursing homes continue to stay open and provide critical care to Missourians, and we will not give up this fight.”

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