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Updated: Motorcyclist Dies In Crash With Truck

Springfield Police have released the name of a motorcyclist killed Tuesday evening on West Bypass.

Police say 20 year old Steven Janssen of Edwardsville, Illinois, was making a turn on to Grand Street when his bike was struck by a pickup truck driven by 45 year old Daniel Butts of Springfield, which crossed over into his lane.

Janssen died at the scene.

Butts was arrested for D-W-I and booked into the Greene County Jail.


  1. Hope he gets man slater. The kid was only 20

  2. The news has this story completely wrong! Either the news or the police who investigated this accident are completely incompetent because these details are wrong. I was feet away from this collision when it occurred! The individual driving the truck did not have the right away and proceeded to cross over traffic heading towards Grand St. My friend and I were traveling in the left lane and Mr. Janssen, who was on the motorcycle was traveling in tne right lane. Yes, it is true, we, (my friend and I as well as Mr. Janssen) all had the right of away, my friend did have to break so that she did not collide into the truck however, the young man driving the motorcycle ,who was traveling some distance behind us, accelerated. He accelerated, and then he collided it into the truck. If the gentleman driving the truck was impaired while he was driving , then let the punishment fit the crime.however both individuals could have prevented this horrific accident!
    My friend and I both spoke to the officer who was investigating this accident via phone. This report is inaccurate and that is a shame!

    • I apologize. I used the on-air copy for the news stories I post. They are edited, sometimes severely, for time reasons. However, we can expand on the website the stories, if we need to or for clarity. Both S-P-D & at least one, media outlet mentioned that, as you observed the pickup driver crossed into the wrong lane. I have added that to the story, as well as allowed your eyewitness account. Jeff Boggs