NAACP Responds to City’s Refusal to Lift Tent Restrictions

The Springfield chapter of the NAACP has responded to the city of Springfield’s rejection of their request to lift restrictions on tent camping within the city.

The organization had been working with community homeless activists in an attempt to build a tent city during the winter months. The city had rejected the initial request, noting that at the time of the rejection the area’s established shelters were not full, along with other reasons.

The response from the NAACP broke down the city’s response. The local organizations mentioned by the city as established helpers of the area’s homeless, while being acknowledged, also had their perceived deficiencies cited to highlight the ongoing need within the community and why additional services such as the proposed tent area would be needed.

The letter also noted that beginning the day of the city’s response, the shelters cited as being below capacity began to run at capacity. It was also noted that the daytime shelter at the Veterans’ Coming Home is full and having to turn people away.

The letter also speaks about the empty CVS building on Glenstone Avenue as being a viable shelter location, although the city would have to pay part of the estimated $500,000 cost to get the facility in operation before the end of the winter.

Multiple other subjects are also mentioned within the letter:


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