New Greene County Jail Construction Ahead of Schedule

Greene County officials confirmed Tuesday that construction on the new Greene County Jail is running ahead of schedule.

The 288th module of the complex, the last of the cells, was placed into the facility last week. The placement of that module put the complex at 40 percent complete. County resource management reported that favorable weather and “good planning” have allowed construction to be a month ahead of schedule.

“We are highly pleased at the progress of this project and deeply appreciative of the staff who have found savings in the midst of this construction,” Greene County Presiding Commissioner Bob Dixon told KWTO.

The savings from the construction company allowed the county to add additional items to the new jail facility.

“Due to the ongoing diligence of those involved in this project, this morning the Commission was able to approve evidence storage and a water treatment system for the new facility – all thanks to cost savings along the way,” County PIO Donna Barton told KWTO.

The jail is scheduled to be opened in Spring 2022.

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