Parson Extends State of Emergency

Governor Mike Parson signed an executive order Thursday that extends the state’s State of Emergency through March 31, 2021.

The order by the governor will allow flexibility in use of state critical resources for COVID-19 related matters and allow for the use of the National Guard in situations such as community COVID-19 testing.

“Missouri and the Midwest region remain central to the extreme COVID-19 outbreak our country is currently experiencing,” Governor Parson said. “If we do not slow the spread of the virus, our health care system will quickly become overwhelmed. This creates a major risk not only for COVID-19 patients but anyone requiring health care support, from emergency situations such as car accidents to the treatment of serious health conditions such as cancer.” 

Governor Parson noted the upcoming flu season and with arrival of winter the increase in respiratory illnesses, with COVID-19 following the same spread patterns.

“Missouri is at a turning point, and if we are going to change the outcome, we must change our behavior,” Parson said.

The governor did not issue a mandatory masking order, but did encourage in a statement wearing a mask, social distancing, and proper hand hygiene.

“This is a critical time for our state. Everyone is affected. Every community is at risk, and until a vaccine is widely available to the public, the best weapon we have against COVID-19 is prevention,” Governor Parson said. “This means that we all have to step up and do the right thing.”

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