Rep. Tricia Derges Removed from House Committees Following Indictment on Fraud Charges

Newly elected House Representative Tricia Derges has been removed from her committee assignments following her indictment on 20 counts by federal prosecutors Monday.

Rep. Derges had been assigned to the Health and Mental Health Committee, Professional Registration and Licensing Committee, and the Special Committee on Small Business.

House Speaker Rob Vescovo removed Derges in three letters to the Chief Clerk of the House. The Speaker did not state anything beyond “I hereby remove Representative Tricia Derges from the committee” in each letter.

Derges has pleaded not guilty to all charges against her and appeared to defend her actions on social media.

“I actually thought that I was making a difference,” Derges posted on Facebook. “What I didn’t account for was how much satan would fight back. He makes you doubt why you have done anything good. He makes you question your faith. One thing I was not taught is that there are those that don’t care what you do, who you help, their entire focus is to literally stop and destroy so that you are unable to do anything. They do it with lies and deceit- fear and intimidation. Humiliating and embarrassing good things and good people delight them. They make you wonder what good your life has been, why you fought so hard for so many when it would have been so much easier to just do your thing. I have never hurt a person in my life. No one should ever have to go through this. I guess taking the “The Road Less Traveled” was maybe not so smart- but I did.”

Derges will still be able to vote on house measures and will be able to file legislation despite the indictment. None of her filed bills have been referred to committee.

OI has reached out to Derges’ attorney Stacie Bilyeu for comment and will update our story if we receive a response.

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