SGF Yields to Set Up at Fort & Madison Week of April 5

The SGF Yields program will be doing a series of checks during the week of April 5 near McGregor Elementary School at Fort and Madison.

Three police officers will be stationed for approximately four hours at a time on different days monitoring for driver compliance with pedestrians in the crosswalk. A plainclothes officer will act as a pedestrian, a second will function as a spotter, and a third will be in a patrol car ready to stop those who do not properly yield to the pedestrian.

There will be posted signs alerting drivers they are approaching a “Yield Check” location. Drivers stopped for violating the city’s ordinance will be given a warning and educational materials. Citations will be given after a three month warning period.

Pedestrians who do not follow regulations can also be given warnings and educational materials from the officers so as not to put others at risk.

The program is funded through a $21,120 grant from the Missouri Department of Transportation.

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