Springfield City Council Votes to End Fisk Ethics Investigation

The Springfield City Council voted unanimously to repeal a resolution calling for an investigation into ethics violations by Councilwoman Jan Fisk, bringing an official end to the investigation.

The vote comes two weeks after Councilwoman Fisk delivered to the city clerk a check for $3,453, the amount of funds that were estimated to be a profit by J. Howard Fisk Limousines, Inc. if there had been an violation of city ethics rules.

The Council members all signed a letter calling for the revocation of the initial resolution. The letter notes that Fisk filed “amended personal disclosure forms” with the Missouri Ethic Commission:

Several members of the Council noted their problems with the process and the way the city’s charter handles ethics issues.

Councilman Mike Schilling said they need to find a way for the Council to handle these issues without bringing in outside council, hearing examiners, and other items that drag out the process and increase cost to the city.

“Maybe we need to buck up and do it ourselves,” Schilling said.

The Council members appeared to be in line with comments made by Councilwoman Fisk in previous discussions of the matter, that the city’s charter is outdated on ethics related issues and there needs to be an examination of the processes to find revisions.

Councilman Andrew Lear noted that many community members will see the Council’s action as an “unsatisfying result” and that he has discovered this is a “flawed process.” He showed irritation about the result of the situation, calling the vote “the best result we could hope to get” from the current rules in the charter.

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