Springfield Fire Department Releases 25 Most Common Fire Code Violations

The Springfield Fire Department is wanting business owners to take a close look at their establishments for fire code violations.

The SFD released a list of the 25 Most Common Fire Code Violations in hopes that local businesses will use the list to correct problems before they would be cited by inspectors. Chief David Pennington said that the purpose of the Fire Code Enforcement Program is to “ensure a safe community for our neighbors and our friends visiting the community.”

While the list is targeted at businesses, Chief Pennington told KWTO that although the fire code doesn’t apply to most individual homeowners or renters the principals within the code can help residents keep their homes safe.

“Ensuring your address is well marked and easily identifiable, not using extension cords in place of permanent wiring, or piggybacking multiple power strips, general housekeeping, etc.. can all be applied to keep your family safe in your home,” Chief Pennington told KWTO. “Having working smoke detectors in every bedroom, in the hallway and on each level of your home, in addition to having a practiced escape plan, are also very important to keeping your family safe in the event of a fire.”

The list of the common fire code violations is available from the City of Springfield’s website.

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