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Springfield Man Wounded by Stray Bullet

A Springfield man was accidentally shot as he drove past an apartment complex on Kansas Expressway.

Springfield police have been investigating the incident since the shooting took place on April 26. Police reports say that Holden Kendrick was driving on Kansas Expressway in the area of Kensington Park Apartments when he “heard an explosion” and felt an injury happen to his left arm.

Officers who arrived on the scene examined Kendrick’s injuries and determined they were consistent with gunshot wounds. Police found evidence a bullet entered through the open passenger side window of Kendrick’s car, grazed his chin, and then struck his left arm.

Police then found a man in the parking lot of the apartment complex that said his gun accidentally discharged in his apartment. Officers found a rifle inside the apartment and a screen door with an apparent bullet hole in it.

Kendrick was transported to a hospital for his injuries, and the man with the gun has been cooperating with investigators.

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