Springfield Mayor Extends State of Civil Emergency

Springfield Mayor Ken McClure has issued his fifth renewal of the city’s Proclamation of Civil Emergency.

The move is being called a “housekeeping move” by the mayor, to ensure the city has “flexibility” to take different steps in the coming weeks.

“There continues to reasonably appear to exist a state of civil emergency, and I, therefore, am renewing the Sixth Proclamation of Civil Emergency for an additional 30 days; however, due to the passage by City Council of an ordinance setting out regulations to protect public health and safety from the spread of COVID-19, I do not believe it necessary to exercise the additional powers granted to me under City Code at the present time,” Mayor McClure said in a statement.

The renewed order will expire on January 11, 2021.

The Springfield City Council will consider an extension of the city’s masking ordinance at Monday night’s regularly scheduled Council meeting.

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