Photo Courtesy: Springfield Police Department

Springfield Police Investigate In-Custody Death of Suspect

The Springfield Police Department says a man who officers chased and deployed a taser on died while being taken to a local hospital to get checked out.

Officers responded to the Casey’s in the 900 block of south Grant Saturday night and found two men rummaging through a trash dumpster on the parking lot.

Police found out one of the men had a warrant for their arrest.

The man was placed under arrest, but resisted.

During the struggle, an officer deployed a taser, but it was ineffective.

The man then pulled a knife, but officers knocked it away from him.

The suspect took off running, and officers deployed a taser a second time, but it didn’t work.

That’s when the man pulled out a second knife from his waistband.

The suspect was finally subdued.

While in an ambulance, police say the man stopping breathing and paramedics began CPR, but those efforts were not successful, and the suspect died at the hospital.

The police department is attempting to notify the man’s family.

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