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Springfield Police Release 2020 Crime Report; Under 22% of Sex Crimes Cleared

The Springfield Police Department has released their 2020 Crime Report.

The report is different than in previous years as the SPD has moved to the National Incident-Based Reporting System, the same as the system used by the FBI for crime statistics.

The major difference between NIBRS and the previously used Summary Reporting System (SRS) is that under SRS only the most serious crime would be reported to the FBI. So if a drug deal ended up with a homicide, only the homicide would be reported in the crime statistics.

Under NIBRS, every crime is tracked and reported.

“We hope citizens and our community partners find the 2020 Crime Report informative. We also hope that by taking a deeper dive into the data, it will allow us to better identify trends and find long-term solutions,” Police Chief Paul Williams said in a statement.

In 2020, the SPD reported cataloging 25,458 total crimes.

In the crimes against persons category, the department reported 23 cases of murder or nonnegligent manslaughter, with 17 of those cases cleared. All four negligent manslaughter cases were cleared.

The rate sex related crimes cleared was significantly lower than murder, manslaughter, or simple & aggravated assault. Only 21.5% of Rape, Sodomy, Sexual Assault with an Object, and Fondling cases were cleared by the SPD compared to 100% of negligent manslaughter, 74% of murder/nonnegligent manslaughter, 44.5% of aggravated assaults, and 45.2% of simple assaults.

In the crimes against property section, several categories showed low clearance rates. In the burglary/breaking & entering category only 13.2% of cases were cleared; theft from building only 8%; theft from a motor vehicle had a 2.9% clearance rate; motor vehicle theft cleared at a 17.2% rate.

In the crimes against society area, the department turned in a 69.1% clearance rate for drug/narcotic violations, and a 72.2% clearance rate for Drug Equipment violations. The department also cleared Weapons violations at a 65.3% rate.

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