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Greene County Commission Receives “Poor” Rating in State Audit

State Auditor Nicole Galloway’s office has completed an audit of financial records for the Greene County Commission for a three year period ending in 2019.

The overall rating for the years audited is “poor.”

The county’s response to the audit is included in this press release from the county commission:

The State Auditor’s office has completed an audit of certain operations of the Greene County Commission. The audit looked at three years of financial records ending in December of 2019. In January of 2019, Presiding Commissioner Bob Dixon, who had just taken office, and two former Commissioners, requested this state audit.

It’s important to note that the findings of this audit reflect the conduct of the previous Commission. The State Auditor’s office gave several recommendations for the county’s professional services, disbursements, and email policy. Solutions to many of the recommendations in the audit have already been in place since 2019. That same year, the county also implemented a transparency portal on that shows current expenses and revenues in the county budget.

The audit evaluated the previous Commission’s internal controls over financial functions, compliance with legal provisions, and management of certain financial transactions. The overall rating of the years audited was “Poor”. The primary issues stemmed from complaints surrounding the 2017 county sales tax campaign.

“The findings are not surprising. The public was very aware of the issues with the prior Commission. Beginning in January of 2019, the current Commission took steps to remedy many of these issues. We have also addressed other issues using the guidance provided by the State Auditor’s office in accordance with Missouri law,” said Presiding Commissioner Bob Dixon.

This is the final report from the State Auditor’s office on these issues. The overall rating of a previous audit of Greene County in August of 2020 was “Good”.


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