Thank You, President Trump

Sitting at Thanksgiving dinner last week, my immediate family went around the table expressing our gratitude towards something in our lives. As you might imagine, answers like “family” and “each other” and “health” were customary, as those themes are likely consistent with most families on Thanksgiving.

Like many of you, my frustration boils into anger when I think too long about what transpired around 10 pm on Election Night. Things were looking so great, almost a carbon copy of four years prior when Trump defeated Crooked Hillary. Trump won Florida, that was huge. Trump had big leads in North Carolina, Georgia, led by ~800 thousand votes in Pennsylvania, had decent margins in Michigan and Wisconsin… And then the steal happened.

Water pipes burst, Dominion systems pulled its stunt, and dead people voted “Biden Only ballots” four times over in key swing states. Just normal stuff in a supposed “free country”.


So let me table my stress for a moment, and thank the President for a few of his many successes over his first four years in office.

  1. Thank you for your relentless energy fighting for the American worker. From tax cuts to job creation, Mr. Trump went to bat for our working class. He eliminated the ridiculous (and unlawful) individual mandate to help encourage small business owners to hire people without fear of going bankrupt paying healthcare costs. He cut red tape, rolled back socialist regulations on companies that stagnated infrastructure projects, and sped up approvals for simple, yet essential ventures to keep our country competitive.
  2. Thank you for tapping outsiders as leaders to drain the swamp. Look no further than the names Joe Biden has proposed as his cabinet… They’re a bunch of cronies, holdovers from Barack Obama’s eight years who apparently have no other interests in life besides collecting taxpayer dollars in government positions. How endearing. Trump assembled an all-female Senior White House Press Team. Trump asked his daughter Ivanka to help the education and economic empowerment of women and their families. Son-in-law Jared Kushner continues to defy logic with his peace deals across the Middle East. Names like Mike Pompeo, Ben Carson, Stephen Miller, Betsy DeVos, Steve Mnuchin, and General Mike Flynn were a refreshing break from the folks who helped write the 1994 crime bill.
  3. Thank you for Mike Pence. The polished Vice President brought a different style than Trump, but Pence’s unwavering demeanor and positive attitude provided a perfect complement to Trump. Pence defended Trump 1000% through every hoax thrown his way. Loyalty can be a hard road to travel, just ask Mitt Romney, and Pence proved to be a terrific wingman. Made for politics, perhaps a bit robotic, Pence dominated Kamala Harris in the VP debate and was spectacular leading the Covid task force and helping streamline key information and developments. I’m not sure what Pence’s political future holds, but the Republican Party would be smart to keep him close by.
  4. Thank you for telling it like it is. No one could control your speech. This came with some turbulence, but while Biden utters political statements like “It’s not Red States or Blue States” garbage you kept swinging in ways most people in Washington wouldn’t dare. You took on Obama’s deep state, fired establishment threats within your inner circle, put America first, and blasted radical Marxists for what they are. Your authenticity made politicians quiver. Your highest rated speeches came at rallies where the TelePrompTer broke or you just adlibbed for an hour. No one else in government could deliver these “speeches” in the humorous, compelling, and entertaining fashion that Trump can.
  5. Thank you for destroying your life to save ours. Trump was a kamikaze. Look at how they treated his family: relentless and vicious attacks for four years. Trump invited the Clemson football team to the White House and fed them a bunch of popular fast food only to be told the food wasn’t acceptable by the media. The China-Virus arrives and Trump has blood on his hands, according to the media. Trump pulls out of the Paris Climate Accord and Trump is killing the planet, according to the media. Trump denounces David Duke, and Trump’s a racist, according to the media. I could go on for pages about how the corrupt media twisted every single Trump success into negative press. Trump labeled the fake news the “enemy of the people” and endured hell to ensure his America First policies were enacted to help the American people.

In closing, Mr. Trump, thank you for giving a voice to the 74 million people who know you won. Thank you for the boat parades, the six rallies a day, the border wall, the trade deals, the federal judges, the Supreme Court justices, the prison reform, the commitment to law and order, and the passion you invigorated into this country.

You’re remarkable and we can’t wait for your second term to begin.

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