Wake Up Springfield! Weekend Report

Wake Up Springfield” is in full launch mode. Anchored by former Missouri Speaker of the House Tim Jones, the show debuted its “new name” on Thursday. The fresh concept will build on the strong KWTO foundation featuring quality radio with prominent guests, bold opinions, and compelling content. Have you read Tim’s latest blog post?

Joe Biden is still a stumbling mess. Did America really elect a 78-year old bumbling, mumbling, career politician to lead the Nation? Hard to imagine… this is the latest “Biden-gaffe”:

Of course, who could forget Biden’s “BATTA-KAHF-KAR” plan?

Operation Warp Speed is working. Back-to-back weeks with encouraging news regarding Covid-19 vaccinations. Two prominent pharmaceutical companies are seeing >90% efficacy and could begin rolling out doses before the end of the year… something the media and Democrats largely claimed would be impossible to do for the last 10 months. Promises made, promises kept. Signed, Donald J. Trump.

Barack Obama refused to leave Washington in an effort to defend his policies. Ridiculous regulation, dismantling police efforts, encouraging the deep state, and abusing Donald Trump was all possible thanks to Obama and his anonymous enabling efforts.

Rush Limbaugh predicted this four years ago and revisited his take on Thursday:

Trump’s campaign lawyers Sidney Powell and Rudy Giuliani are going nuclear to prove rampant election fraud. Ongoing lawsuits paired with new legal challenges face a steep uphill battle, but these two warriors are determined to seek justice.

Rudy Giuliani agreed:

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  1. I would like our Missouri`s voter machine computers checked to see if the are counting votes fairly.

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