Willard Schools Establish Willard Schools Police Department

Willard Public Schools is taking the next level step in protecting students, faculty, and administrators.

The district announced that in an effort to keep students and staff save across three different police jurisdictions (Willard Police Department, Springfield Police Department, Greene County Sheriff’s Office) the district will form the Willard Schools Police Department.

The district began looking in 2019 at the possibility of forming its own department and began discussions with school resource officers. The layout of the district made it difficult for officers to handle cases without backup because they were only commissioned by the Willard Police Department.

“The need to be more efficient in our school policing was evident,” School Resource Officer Mark Riggin said in a statement. “Having our own police department will allow us to focus on caring for our student’s unique needs.”

Willard becomes only the third PreK to Grade 12 district in Missouri to have their own District police force.

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