Partners In Crime: Media & Democrats

Wednesday’s “Opening Bell” on CNBC stayed true to form when it came to discussing President Donald Trump, as host Jim Cramer repeated the ongoing talking point about …

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Just Sayin’ with Bonnie Bell

Wednesday, November 11th, is Veterans Day but when you think about it, shouldn’t everyday be a day we honor our veterans?   After all it’s:             Our Veterans not …

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Divided States Of America

The election is the latest example of the ongoing distrust between political parties, the fake news media, and the constituents who make up this Republic. Let’s just …

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Election 2020

Vote 2020 Election Day

Be sure to join Tim, Bonnie, & Jason tonight for exclusive, local election coverage. Listen Live Guests include Elijah Haahr, Virginia Kruta, Jamie Allman, Billy Long, Roy …

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Heightened Tensions Surround Election

The 2020 election is a binary choice of emotions; Optimism vs Pessimism, Enthusiasm vs Despair, Safety vs Violence, Certainty vs Doubt, are some examples.  Without question, the outcome …

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