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4am – 5:30am America’s First News with Gordon Deal
5:30 – 9am Wake Up Springfield w. Tim Jones
9am – 11am The Gary Nolan Show
11am – 2pm Clay Travis & Buck Sexton Show
2pm – 4pm The Dan Bongino Show
4pm – 6pm Elijah Haahr Show
6pm – 7pm The Dan Bongino Show
7pm – 9pm The Joe Pags Show
9pm – 12am The Jim Bohannon Show


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12am – 6am Coast to Coast AM
6am – 8am Americas First News w. Gordon Deal
8am – 9am Safe Money Radio
9am – 10am Chestnut Chiropractic
10am – 1pm The Chris Plant Show
1pm – 4pm Clay Travis & Buck Sexton
4pm – 6pm Sons of Liberty
6pm – 9pm Best of Jim Bohannon
9pm – 11pm Law Enforcement Radio
11pm – 12am Conspiracy Show


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12am – 6am Coast to Coast AM
6am – 6:30am Fat Guys
6:30am – 7am Lutheran Hour
7am – 8am American ViewPoints
8am – 9am Safe Money
9am – 10am Jason Chaffetz In The House
10am – 11am Latour Financial
11am – 1pm Best Of Dan Bongino
1pm – 3pm Home Talk
3pm – 6pm The Charlie Kirk Show
6pm – 7pm Free Talk Live

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Armed American Radio

Watching the Ozarks w/Bonnie Bell

9pm – 12pm Bill Cunningham