Police crime scene cordon tape
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UPDATE: Deadly Shooting Near Rogersville

One suspect is in custody following a deadly shooting in in Greene County.

The incident occurred off South Farm Road 223, close to Rogersville overnight. The victim was identified as Laterrian Jarman, 20, who was found laying in the front yard of the property. Jarman was transported to a local hospital where he was pronounced dead.

The suspect will be charged today, according to the Greene County Sheriffs Office.


Greene County Deputies say they have arrested and charged Blake Beckelman with second-degree manslaughter.

In statements taken from officers, Beckelman says he was showing the gun to Jarman when he “dry-fired” the weapon.

Beckelman believed the weapon was not loaded at the time of the incident. When the gun discharged, it struck the Jarman in the neck.

He later told authorities that after the shooting, he used a t-shirt to attempt to stop the bleeding and that he was the one who called 911.